"I attended the Las Vegas Gangs, Guns and Drugs Conference in 2015 and 2016, put on by HLETI. I was impressed by the variety of information that was presented. Steve and the speakers were personable and easily approachable and were an excellent contact point for networking with other law enforcement agencies."

- CONSTABLE T. ZRYMIAK (Royal Canadian Mountain Police)

“Steve Cook continually provides up to date gang training not only using his personal knowledge but using other experts from across the country. He is able to get some of the top leaders in the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang world to tell their inside knowledge of how their clubs operate to show both sides of the law.”

- SERGEANT GREGORY R SCOTT (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department)

"The Gangs, Guns, and Drugs conference put on by HLETI is one of the best conferences that I have attended. Steve Cook and his crew always have great instructors. The classes cover a variety of topics and the instructors provide an excellent learning environment."

- CORPORAL BRIAN DALTON (Garden Grove Police Department)

"As a 20 year law enforcement veteran and street/prison gang specialist, I have come to understand the importance and responsibility that elders hold with passing the torch to our younger colleagues. Our words and actions can build a young officers career path or lead that individual into a journey of misguided decisions. In my time knowing Steve Cook, l have discovered that his career experience and passion to share his knowledge with the law enforcement community is to be applauded. His vast understanding of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang culture is passed on through his lectures in a professional and responsible manner that outlines the culture's criminal mindset. The focus of identification, awareness and most important, officer safety is emphasized in a manner that can be easily understood and utilized during law enforcement‘s contact with these gang members. I am proud to call Steve Cook a friend and support his efforts in sharing his knowledge, as his training has led to countless officers becoming alert in certain encounters that lead to justifiable arrests but most importantly return home to their loved ones after a long work shift.“

- EDWIN L. SANTANA (Morris County Sheriffs Office)