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Gang Undercover Narcotics Investigators Training Conference

North Las Vegas Police Department

February 25, 2019 - July 28, 2018 Las Vegas NEVADA

Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute Presents


February 25-28, 2019
North Las Vegas Police Department

A four day (32 hour) training program designed for law enforcement investigators, officers and
supervisors participating in gang, narcotics or undercover operations. These types of operations
require a great deal of planning to ensure safe and successful outcomes. This training course will give
attendees the tools needed to properly plan and execute an operation whether it pertains to a short
term investigation or a long term more involved investigation.

Through the course of this four day specialized training program attendees will be brought up to date
on current trends in drug trafficking and will receive information in a variety of different areas
including money laundering and working federal firearms violations. Simply put attendees will be
prepared at the end of this conference to work a target from a variety of different approaches that
should ultimately lead them to their investigative goals.

Converting gang members into cooperating sources is a difficult if not impossible task in many
circumstances. Attendees will learn what triggers a gang member’s behavior and how to use the gang
member’s mindset and value system against him to bring him over to the right side of the law.
Working gang, narcotics and undercover investigations can be very stressful to an officer. Coupled
with the day to day stress incurred in life it can sometimes become physically and emotionally
draining. Stress management techniques will be given to attendees so that they can deal with what
happens to them both on and off the job.

The instructors for this conference have many years of experience in narcotics, gang and undercover
operations and have a wealth of information to share with attendees of this program. This is truly a
unique program as it cross trains attendees in a variety of different types of investigations and
investigative techniques. This program is a must for anyone serious about working gangs, undercover
or narcotics investigations.



Steve Cook - Detective with a Police Department in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Steve has been a police officer for 23 years, with over six years experience in a multi-agency drug task force. Steve has completed assignments with the DEA Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Read More Team as well as participating on a FBI Violent Crime/Gang Task Force. Steve has worked numerous intelligence operations all over the United States involving outlaw motorcycle gangs and was the case agent and secondary undercover in an attempt infiltration of a Bandidos farm club. During that operation Steve acted as a webmaster for the club and had the opportunity to act in an undercover capacity with members of several different outlaw motorcycle gangs including the Outlaws. Steve has also been featured in the History Channel's Gang Land programs on the Outlaws, Bandidos and Galloping Goose, on Biographies "Gangsters Americas Most Evil" twice; History channels “Americas Book of Secrets", Biographies “Gangworld One Percenters”, the O'Reilly Factor, Inside Edition and numerous other news programs. Read Less
Other Instructors to be Announced