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Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigations Training Conference

March 11 - 14, 2019 Orlando FLORIDA

Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute


The Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association


Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigations

Orlando, FL   March 11-14, 2019

A four day (32 hour) training program for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, corrections personnel and criminal analysts addressing the problems and pitfalls of investigations of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

The instructors, have managed, supervised or directly participated in investigations of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs throughout the United States. The investigative techniques they used will be presented. Also, the many pitfalls and mistakes they made will be graphically demonstrated.

Due to the sensitive nature of the training program and threats of physical harm to some of the speakers, the exact location of the training program will only be revealed to those who register. Special security will be maintained and this training program is only open to law enforcement officers, corrections officers, prosecutors, probation/parole officers and other criminal justice professionals.  You must show proper agency credentials or identification to be allowed entrance into the training program.

This is an annual training course and other than the Biker 101 course presented, all other material will be different than the previous Conferences.

All New Program

Outlaw Motorcycle Expansion & Trends

Developing & Managing Short Term & Long Term Investigations

Intelligence Gathering Techniques

International, National and Regional Updates

Patrol Techniques for Combating OMG Violence & Other Issues

Preparing OMG Cases for Prosecution

Developing Effective Police/Biker Relationships


Steve Cook - Detective with a Police Department in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Steve has been a police officer for 23 years, with over six years experience in a multi-agency drug task force. Steve has completed assignments with the DEA Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Read More Team as well as participating on a FBI Violent Crime/Gang Task Force. Steve has worked numerous intelligence operations all over the United States involving outlaw motorcycle gangs and was the case agent and secondary undercover in an attempt infiltration of a Bandidos farm club. During that operation Steve acted as a webmaster for the club and had the opportunity to act in an undercover capacity with members of several different outlaw motorcycle gangs including the Outlaws. Steve has also been featured in the History Channel's Gang Land programs on the Outlaws, Bandidos and Galloping Goose, on Biographies "Gangsters Americas Most Evil" twice; History channels “Americas Book of Secrets", Biographies “Gangworld One Percenters”, the O'Reilly Factor, Inside Edition and numerous other news programs. Read Less
Pat Fielding - Pat is a Retired Detective with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and has over 23 years of law enforcement experience. Pat has been assigned to numerous narcotics, gang, and criminal intelligence units, as well as several HIDTA groups, including a FBI Major Read More Drug Trafficking Organizations Task Force, DEA Methamphetamine Task Force, Club Drug Task Force and an ICE Money Laundering Task Force. Pat has worked both undercover and as an investigator for 20 years investigating narcotics organizations, outlaw bikers and street gangs, money laundering, arms and explosives dealers, auto-theft and stolen property rings, murder for hires, political corruption and conducted storefront operations. Pat along with his partner successfully infiltrated the Red Demons Motorcycle Gang in Las Vegas which was a "farm club" for the Hells Angels. During that investigation Pat became an Officer in the organization and interacted with Hells Angels from all over the West Coast. Read Less
Other Instructors to be Announced