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14th Annual Gangs, Guns, Drugs Conference

Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute


14th Annual Gangs, Guns & Drugs

Training Conference and Seminar

  May 6-9, 2019

   The Orleans Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas Nevada


A four-day (32 hour) intensive training program designed for law enforcement investigators, supervisors, prosecutors, intelligence analysts, patrol officers and correction’s officers. This training course will give attendees insight into the world of narcotics traffickers and gang members that can only be learned by interacting with these individuals in an undercover capacity. Most Officers will never have the opportunity to get to these individuals from the inside and therefore do not get to know what makes them tick. The attendees to this conference will learn what works and more importantly what does not work when it comes to targeting individuals who traffic in narcotics and firearms and who affiliate with gangs.


A majority of the training will focus on investigative tools that can be utilized by all officers whether working in an investigative or intelligence role or working out in the streets. Overviews of the major gangs operating within the United States and Canada will be covered as well as current growth and trends associated with these groups. Supervisors will also gain a greater understanding of the demands that working these types of cases can have on your personnel and how to safely and effectively conduct the investigation.

This training is essential for all law enforcement officers whether working in a traditional street assignment, narcotics, vice, career criminal, general investigative, intelligence, prosecution, probation and parole, juvenile units or corrections.


The instructors for this seminar have many years of investigative experience and have been involved in several high profile narcotics, gang and weapons investigations. The instructors will present and discuss audio/video recordings related to these cases and will tell investigators about the problems they encountered to prevent them from being repeated.


Attendance to this conference is restricted to Law Enforcement Only. Attendees will receive handout materials, an embroidered portfolio and a certificate of completion.




Registration for this conference will be taken on a first come first serve basis. Any attendee needing to cancel their registration must do so ten days prior to the conference or no refund will be made.


All attendees will be required to show Law Enforcement identification at the time of registration and will be required to wear identification provided by HLETI for the duration of the conference to be admitted into the conference facility.


This conference has been attended by officers, investigators, prosecutors, corrections personnel and probation officers from all over the United States, Canada and Norway to include the following:


RUSH Drug Task Force/Virginia State Police       Los Angeles Police Department

Calgary Police Service                                            Los Angeles Sheriff Department

Phoenix Police Department                                    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Federal Bureau of Investigation                             Drug Enforcement Administration

Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms                                United States Probation & Parole

Quebec Provincial Police                                       Milwaukee Police Department

Minnesota Gang Strike Force                                 New Hampshire Drug Task Force

Charleston Police Department                                Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Miami-Dade Police Department                             PANT Narcotics Task Force

Southwest Missouri Drug Task Force                    Alameda County Sheriff’s Department

Air Force Office of Special Investigations             Arizona DPS/GITEM

Will County CPAT                                                     Iowa LEIN

St. Louis Metro Police Department                        New Mexico State Police

Portland Police Department                                    Dallas Police Department

Salt Lake Area Metro Gang Unit                            Utah DPS

King County Sheriff’s Department                         North Las Vegas Police Department

Las Vegas Metro Police Department                      United States Pre-Trial Services

US Forest Service                                                        US Army CID

Honolulu Police Department                                   Saint John Police Force

Seattle Police Department                                       Saskatoon Police Department

Bureau of Indian Affairs                                          Vancouver Police Department

Indianapolis Metro Police Department               Albuquerque Police Department

Garden Grove Police Department                         Loveland Police Department




Conference Agenda

For the past 13 years we have made every effort to bring in the top subject matter experts for the Gangs, Guns and Drugs Conference and this year will be no exception. What makes this conference exclusive is that most conferences focus on just drugs or just gangs while this conference acknowledges that gangs, guns and drugs go hand in hand and the ability to address it in one forum opens up the training to everyone in Law Enforcement regardless of their assignment.




Hybrid Gangs

Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Expansion and Trends

Conducting Federal Firearms Investigations

Americas Heroin Epidemic

Storefront Investigations

Gang Intelligence Gathering Techniques

Other Topics to be announced





Steve Cook - Detective with a Police Department in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Steve has been a police officer for 23 years, with over six years experience in a multi-agency drug task force. Steve has completed assignments with the DEA Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Read More Team as well as participating on a FBI Violent Crime/Gang Task Force. Steve has worked numerous intelligence operations all over the United States involving outlaw motorcycle gangs and was the case agent and secondary undercover in an attempt infiltration of a Bandidos farm club. During that operation Steve acted as a webmaster for the club and had the opportunity to act in an undercover capacity with members of several different outlaw motorcycle gangs including the Outlaws. Steve has also been featured in the History Channel's Gang Land programs on the Outlaws, Bandidos and Galloping Goose, on Biographies "Gangsters Americas Most Evil" twice; History channels “Americas Book of Secrets", Biographies “Gangworld One Percenters”, the O'Reilly Factor, Inside Edition and numerous other news programs. Read Less
Other Instructors to be Announced